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Stay Woke: A Lesson on Interest Convergence

Let me tip you off to an element of the game that's been co-opting the movement for Black lives for centuries. It's called "interest...

For the BLM Neophytes

This is a centuries old Black-led movement - you finally reading “Me & White Supremacy” doesn’t qualify you to teach or lead a single thing.

On Footage of Modern Day Lynchings

Please stop sharing violent images and footage of Black people being murdered. There are just... so many other options.

On Protests + Riots

Don’t buy the propaganda, don’t participate in the gaslighting which conflates counter-violence with violence. Stop flinching and calibrate.

What's Killing Black People?

It’s not just police violence that's killing us. It’s so much bigger than you understand.

Because I can't help but profess it.

When you find someone who deserves love in a way you never knew existed, who deserves more patience and kindness than you’ve ever seen...


Compassion is a practice, a muscle to build, a skill to hone. It creates space inside of us, space to see beyond ourselves and understand...

Black Man

I ache for a deeper kindness, gentleness, patience, and appreciation for the black man. For every version of him which exists - hetero,...


[Warning: Extremely vulnerable post that may be triggering.] In my wildest dreams, men and dominant cultures stop obsessively and...


...I still believe in it, because I can feel it inside me, aching to grow and greet you with a love that would quell your insecurities...


If even one person better understood how you came to be, how a person as good and passionate as you could be forged, the world would...

(the truth)

happiness is not bliss, elation wordless comfort and its pleasure she is all those she is far more she is too challenge, breaking...


it is our Work to create the very thing we feel is missing in this world the thing we wished we’d had or still do (responsible)


see it let it overwhelm you let it disarm you let it make you cry approach this world with recognition of its beauty and never again take...


you said “come here” and I became the sea meeting the shore endlessly (encounter)

(fairy tales)

to be tamed it must first be wild we are all born uncivilized we are all born with claws (fairy tales)

(my best friend)

Life realized itself in me, the flower climbing from its seed through the darkness to sprout, for it hear you, my sunshine, calling. I...


the heart that loves you greater in one beat than all the other hearts of this world beating as one forever (soulmate)


freedom is not the dream freedom is our capacity willingness devotion to carry the weight of the dream over the mountain of reality...

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