Letters of Fear & Love is an investigation into love. We've heeded commentators on finding and keeping love, expressing love, and building up self-love — all with varying degrees of success. Hollywood offers us fantasy love, something we'd do best to not take seriously. Science and psychology reference pain and pleasure, which we can follow logically to the root of human behavior. Yet, the experiential aspect is up to us to decipher.
For many, love remains a source of fear, confusion, and suffering. Aguiñaga encourages us to ask ourselves why, and imagine how we can redefine love for the better. The answers may lie beyond current societal constructs, media, psychology, and science. This eclectic compilation of poetry, philosophical prose, and love letters invites you to explore alongside her, through the heights and depths of redefining love on her own terms.

Enter a world where love is ruthlessly questioned

and intentionally redefined.