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The Adult Human Form Freed

I refuse to let anyone tell me what it means for me to be nude. I don’t see my own nudity as inherently sexual - it is only sexual when I decide, not when someone outside of myself decides.

I will not accept other people’s projections, their disproportionate, obsessive sexualization of my adult female form. These projections and belief in their university are a form of oppression, supremacy, and violence. Those ideas and beliefs are their own, not mine and I will not wear them. I will not base my choices and behaviors off of them, I will not shrink to the size of their mind and perspective. Instead, they will grow and expand to see me as I am.

My form indicates far more - the glory and majesty of life expressing itself uniquely, an astonishing mechanism carrying the weight of connecting subtle energy to the material world, that the universe may interact with itself and experience transformation. To be revered, respected, valued for the myriad functions it serves, like magically keeping us alive and channeling cognition.

In my wildest dreams, men and dominant cultures stop obsessively and disproportionately sexualizing the adult human form, with an even more disproportionate emphasis on the adult female human form.

In my wildest dreams, women, men, and every other identity regain innocence enough to understand that sex is merely one facet of nature and a fairly unremarkable one in comparison to our infinite capacity for contribution to this world.

In my wildest dreams, the gaze on the human form is widened to its true essence - nature simply existing as itself. Neutrally, incredibly, innocently, creatively, wildly.

In my wildest dreams, I would be able to express my own form freely, without being misunderstood as promiscuous, without commentary about how my body may relate to someone else's version of sexuality, without being outright violated. Without being subject to the perverse, narcissistic projections of another's limited understanding of nature and the human form's relation to it.

If all you see when you witness the naked human adult form is sex, remember: we have more fingers, toes, even eyes than we have genitalia. I wish you the grace of your gaze being widened to no longer equate the potential of human nature with the potential for an orgasm.

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