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...I still believe in it, because I can feel it inside me, aching to grow and greet you with a love that would quell your insecurities and fears, that would be your mirror to reflect back the beauty you are in moments you can’t seem to remember. Asking for the same mirror in return. If only it could make its way between us. If only there weren’t some invisible wall between, keeping our sacred secret at bay.

I can’t help but imagine in some parallel existence, where we’re both more mature and far less selfish, we’re tending to whatever little secret that drew us together and growing blossoms that would put the Garden of Eden to shame in the face of their beauty. I can’t help but imagine that’s the untapped potential of our sweet secret sown into more fertile land.

I'd have carried that weight a million times over the same mountain if it would have brought us together at last...

If any time comes in your life where you feel down, less than, uncertain, unseen, inadequate, insecure, incapable, cold, or disconnected, please return here. Return here and know that you have been truly seen, and loved for every element of your makeup.

From pain to pride, from fear to fortitude , from harm to healing, you have been seen and you have been so deeply and truly loved.

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