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I never wanted you

I’ve known it soundly

and I still do

yet something inside me

chose him

and your voice

rang through




I am alive

and for a moment

so were you

for your sake

and my own

I chose to let you go

what fusion you bear

cells, DNA, light

and souls

combined so electrically

so enthusiastically

so movingly

to create life

and my love

I felt you




and my love

I promise you

love coursed through you

as it does me

and you were endlessly




though love

is not always

a warm welcome

and love is not

inherently desire fulfilled

love is too

a closed door

a passing by

a letting go

as I felt you knocking

I too feel your absence

I too feel your grief

at not being chosen

my love

I too feel your abandonment

perhaps your confusion

I too feel your imagined inadequacy

and every ounce of

of your unfulfilled



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