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Because I can't help but profess it.

When you find someone who deserves love in a way you never knew existed, who deserves more patience and kindness than you’ve ever seen demonstrated in this physical world, it’s a calling to grow and expand. It’s a challenge from the gods to deepen and strengthen yourself to the size of a sea so that you may be able to contain even some small portion of what the person in front of you deserves. For me, that person is Kaila. My very best, most dear, and closest friend. My funniest, most beautiful, most patient and generous friend. Also my most brutal friend... I’ve never been checked harder than by this 5’1” white woman from Wisconsin. More than family or lovers or any other, she is a catalyst for my expansion. For my urgency to redefine love in a way that serves the world more holistically, because I’ve seen what it has done for us. Together, she and I have reimagined love, and I feel to be the size of that sea. I’m so lucky to share that bounty with the rest of you. If you love anything in me, trust that you’ve shared with her as well. I can’t give to this world a single thing that doesn’t also have her in it. It’s uncommon to share this way, surely. But my dearest friend is the love of my life, and it felt only right to tell you I don’t stand alone. I don’t stand at all without her. ♥️

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