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It comes quietly

Your absence

It comes silently


Yet fills the entire room

Becomes the air surrounding me

Cycling through my lungs


She is gone






Believe it

Turn it inside out

Light it on fire

Break the concrete beneath my feet

Destroy it all and

Fall through the earth

Float frozen in space

Become the emptiness between

Heavenly bodies

Just to see if maybe


That’s where she landed

When she left

And I can catch up

if I fall through too

As if I could possibly

Stay standing on solid ground

this spinning rock when

She is gone


Inhale exhale


She is gone

And the illusion

Of sunrise and sunset

Cotton candy colored clouds

Bleed of blasphemy

It’s just the earth spinning

And we are all fools

For misunderstanding

As when everything seems dead

And later proves to be alive

Perhaps the earth

Is telling me

That nothing

Not one thing

Has truly changed



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