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For Jenn + Ryan (on their wedding day)

Love is rare and extraordinary, and we know it because when we peer out at the world around us, it’s so infrequently what we see. In the world we see today, love strong enough to unify people is truly radical and revolutionary. It’s sacred and holy. It’s one of the few things worthy of ceremony and celebration.

In this world, true love is a sanctuary and we sit today in a room filled to overflowing, thanks to what Jenn and Ryan have found in themselves through each other. How very lucky we all are to be in this room, to witness and celebrate with them, to be brought together through them. I’m so deeply honored they asked me to read from my book, Letters of Fear and Love.

May these words serve as a reminder to cherish, consider, and compromise for the sake of true love’s prosperity. May they serve some remote justice to this sacred new phase of their journey and the untamed growth of their love.

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