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(growing up)

oh sweet, young soul

it's hard here

I know

to be surrounded by what seems

like so much concrete

but I swear

one day

some day

even if not today

you'll see it

that those fixed figures

are malleable as the light

you feel inside

and you can play

and play and play

one day

some day

even if not today

sweet young soul

I'm sorry for the impact

and the pressure

it doesn't get easier

but you get stronger

and the distance between

how immortal and

boundless you feel

and what reality reflects back

will become smaller

and smaller

until what you feel

finally and truly


until then

we're here

we're here

we're here

to remind you

we know

how very hard it is

how soft it can make you feel

to be surrounded by what seems

like so much concrete

we're here to remind you

to be patient

and be ever gentler

as you grow stronger

because eventually all that concrete

will bend to your will

and you'll need

to remind someone too

my love

oh sweet, young soul

it's hard here

I know

(growing up)

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