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National Best Friends Day

It's National Best Friend Day, which means more today than it has before.

My dearest, most beloved friend, Kaila, who has done more to help me define rightful love than all the introspection and poetry and philosophy could possibly unearth... you've been here, my darling, for 15 years. And I don't care if you say 14, it may as well be thousands, or hundreds, or eons.

Come what may, we'll play tag and fall and laugh and probe and talk shit and get pissed and cry and hold our sides (or heads) in delirium, all through this life and the next... and it may seem I'm far from you now, but you are here, in each word and every drop of love I can't seem to hide, you pour out of me with my poetry.

And there is nothing you do alone. You'll find me too, coursing through your veins like sparklers on Independence Day, inspiring you to act or speak or reach. Reminding you that true love is real, and we have built it. Everything else in this life is lovely excess, drops of honey in the most vibrant coffee.

You've given more than I would have even know to ask for. You just gave it to me. Freely, infinitely, by choice. Sometimes angrily, probably because you're so smol, and the smolest things are often the angriest... and you're smoler than most.

If find this PDA distasteful, and I hope you do, please forgive me. 😻 Kittens do like play, after all.

I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you.


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