There exists a love which extends beyond
what physical can do to perpetuate physical
and enters the realm
of healing supporting further healing,
unity and integrity
supporting heightened 
unity and integrity.


I know you know what I mean.


If we seek it with intention,
it is already ours.


written &spoken word




Letters of Fear & Love is an investigation into love. We've heeded commentators on finding and keeping love, expressing love, and building up self-love — all with varying degrees of success. Hollywood offers us fantasy love, something we'd do best to not take seriously. Science and psychology reference pain and pleasure, which we can follow logically to the root of human behavior. Yet, the experiential aspect is up to us to decipher.
For many, love remains a source of fear, confusion, and suffering. Aguiñaga encourages us to ask ourselves why, and imagine how we can redefine love for the better. The answers may lie beyond current societal constructs, media, psychology, and science. This eclectic compilation of poetry, philosophical prose, and love letters invites you to explore alongside her, through the heights and depths of redefining love on her own terms.

Enter a world where love is ruthlessly questioned
and intentionally redefined.

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Letters of Fear & Love: The Kinetic Release

Letters of Fear & Love: The Kinetic Release
Letters of Fear & Love: The Kinetic Release

Letters of Fear & Love: The Kinetic Release

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Words Are Dead

Words Are Dead

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Build Anew

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Anti-Supremacy is a process-oriented, philosophical meta-investigation of supremacy. It encompasses the simultaneous processes of:

  1. Identifying, healing, and/or supplanting the interior human conditions which enable the oppressive and dominative beliefs which constitute supremacism and give rise to its fractal behavioral and material manifestations;

  2. Identifying, opposing, and eradicating any system which, for its function, requires and/or incentivizes an oppressor;

  3. Supplanting those oppressive systems with systems that have an immune system against and disincentive oppressive and dominative behaviors;

  4. Realizing equitable mental, emotional, and material reparations for any deficit endured as a result of the privileges and benefits derived from supremacist systems; and

  5. Disproving any philosophy that claims an objective, binary hierarchy of superior and inferior among any group or category.

Anti-supremacy is a philosophical investigation of the human conditions that enable supremacy to arise. It then investigates supremacy's pattern of manifestation across material, social, and psychological realms. Finally, it explores methodologies for transcending and transmuting the conditions of supremacy to manifest patterns that engender cooperation, generosity, altruism, and communal consideration in individuals, communities, organizations, and systemic design.

This a transdisciplinary theory in its nascent form, the foundation of which is in active development alongside a framework for its practical use for organizational transformation. I'm actively seeking collaborators in the disciplines of critical race and social theory, biology, psychology, economics, governance, trauma specialists, and more.
For information on my offerings or collaboration, please contact me.